Keeping students safe is a responsibility we all share as parents, neighbors, friends and school staff. Mitel Revolution is a powerful communications solution that can help your school streamline emergency response, connect seamlessly with first responders, and ensure everyone stays informed in a crisis. 

We understand that navigating complex technology can be overwhelming. That’s why Affiliated Communications offers clear guidance, intuitive systems, and the kind of reliable support you need in critical moments. With over 40 years of experience in the communications industry, we’ll work with you to create a customized solution that fits your school’s unique needs. Let’s explore how Mitel Revolution can help you create a safer learning environment and meet important compliance standards that will be going into effect summer of 2025. 

Why Mitel Revolution Matters 

In an emergency, every second counts. That’s where Mitel Revolution shines. The platform is designed to handle everything from day-to-day communications to urgent broadcasts in the most critical situations. Here’s why it’s a game-changer for schools in particular: 

Rapid Alerts & Notifications 

Picture this: An unexpected incident occurs. Within seconds, you can unleash a wave of alerts – calls blasting out to every classroom phone, texts flashing on staff mobiles, emails hitting designated contacts and announcements booming over the intercom. No waiting, no confusion. Everyone knows what’s happening and what to do, minimizing chaos and maximizing response time. 

One-Touch Emergency Calls 

Studies show the initial minutes of a crisis are vital. Mitel Revolution lets you pre-program single-touch buttons that connect instantly to police, fire or medical dispatch. No frantic dialing, no misdials, no delays. You’re directly connected to the help you need, saving precious moments. 

Crystal-Clear Communication 

In emergency situations, traditional phone systems might overload and cell networks could be jammed. Mitel Revolution offers dedicated communication channels, ensuring your internal calls and vital emergency calls get through. This means clear instructions for staff, reliable updates, and the ability to coordinate a response even amidst the most stressful situations. Mitel Revolution isn’t just about flashy bells and whistles – it’s about giving your school the crucial advantage it needs to protect what matters most. 

Questions about Mitel Revolution and its capabilities for emergency response? Let us know. 

Meet Upcoming Compliance Standards with Mitel Revolution 

Starting in the summer of 2025, schools in Texas will need to meet new state-mandated compliance standards to enhance campus safety. This includes significant updates to mass notification systems and E911 services as required by Kari’s Law, Ray Baum’s Act, Alyssa’s Law, and other regulations. Schools must ensure that any 911 calls made from campus can communicate precise location details to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP)—not just the street address, but specific information such as the classroom number, floor, and whether the location is in the eastern or western part of the campus.  


The Mitel Revolution system seamlessly integrates with other safety mechanisms—ranging from door and glass break sensors to systems detecting gunfire or initiating lockdowns. This integration extends to broadcasting alerts through overhead paging systems, digital screens, mobile phones, and computers, ensuring that the entire school community is promptly informed during emergencies. With Mitel Revolution, schools can not only meet these enhanced 911 and mass notification requirements, but also create a coordinated response framework that communicates effectively with various systems, crucial for complying with the upcoming standards by mid-2025. 

Let’s get you compliant, together. 

Mitel Revolution: Powering Your School’s Everyday Communication 

We understand that safety is paramount, but schools aren’t in crisis mode 24/7. Mitel Revolution is also designed to make everyday communications easy, streamlining everything from routine announcements to parent-teacher communications. Here’s how: 

Efficient Announcements 

Forget crackly PA systems and easily missed emails. Mitel makes campus-wide announcements a breeze, whether it’s bell schedules, event reminders or those daily words of wisdom from the principal. 

Streamlined Collaboration 

Teachers, staff and administrators can easily connect for quick calls, group chats and even video conferencing. This cuts down on unnecessary meetings and lets everyone focus on their key skills. 

Enhanced Parent Communication 

Mitel can integrate with parent portals, allowing for automated attendance notifications, targeted messaging for specific groups or easy two-way communication with teachers. 

Mitel Revolution isn’t just about safety – it’s about making your entire school run smoother. Better communication translates to better learning environments, less frustration for staff and happier parents. 

Ready to make everyday communications streamlined and easy? Let’s get started! 

It’s Not Just About Tech … Get White-Glove Support from Affiliated Communications 

Sure, Mitel Revolution is powerful technology. But we know schools in Texas need more than just fancy gadgets. That’s where Affiliated’s “secret sauce” comes in: 

We Help You Navigate the Right Solutions for YOU 

Regulations, budgets, existing infrastructure – it can feel like too much to juggle. Our 40+ years of experience specifically with Texas schools means we’ve seen it all. We’ll cut through the jargon, find the solutions compliant with your district’s needs and streamline the entire setup process. We get you up and running smoothly, so you can focus on what you do best. 

We Implement Solutions, Not Just Products 

Every campus has its own layout, its own unique requirements. Mitel Revolution is incredibly flexible. We’ll tailor it to your buildings, integrating with what you already have, and even scaling if your school grows. This isn’t some off-the-shelf package – it’s a communication system fine-tuned for your specific needs. 

Always-On Reliability: No “School Hours” for Emergencies 

You need to know your communications system has your back, day or night; weekends included. Our reputation is built on white-glove service. We offer the kind of proactive monitoring and support that makes sure your school alarm system is working when you need it most. We are your trusted partner in keeping everyone connected and informed. 

We’re in this with you to make sure Mitel Revolution truly delivers peace of mind for your students, your staff and your community. 

Affiliated is the #1 Communications Partner for Texas Schools 

Mitel Revolution is a powerful tool that can give your school a critical advantage in an emergency and streamline everyday communications for a smoother-running campus. But you need the right partner to implement it! Affiliated Communications has been helping Texas schools navigate their technology needs for over 40 years. Our experience, combined with the flexibility of Mitel Revolution, means we can create a solution that delivers the peace of mind you deserve. 

Ready to take the next step? Schedule a time to discuss your school’s specific needs with Affiliated Communications and explore how Mitel Revolution can enhance safety and communication across your district. 


  1. What is Mitel Revolution?

Mitel Revolution is a cloud-based communications and collaboration platform designed to enhance communication, streamline operations and improve safety in schools and businesses. 

  1. How does Mitel Revolution improve school safety?

Mitel Revolution offers several key features for safety: 

  • Rapid alerts: Send instant notifications across phones, emails, intercoms, etc. 
  • One-touch emergency calls: Pre-programmed connections to first responders 
  • Clear communication: Reliable channels on regular days and even in chaotic situations 
  1. Is Mitel Revolution difficult to use?

Mitel Revolution is designed with user-friendliness in mind. While there will be a learning curve with any new system, it offers intuitive interfaces, and many schools choose to work with experts who provide setup and training. 

  1. Can Mitel Revolution be adapted to my school’s unique needs?

Yes! Mitel Revolution is highly customizable. It can be integrated with existing systems, work within your school’s physical layout and be tailored to your specific safety protocols. 

  1. How do I learn more about Mitel Revolution?

Contact Affiliated Communications! We can offer demonstrations and case studies, and answer questions relevant to your situation.