eacher with a headset on sitting at her desk looking at a computer

Mitel Revolution: A Must-Have for Texas School Safety and Compliance

Keeping students safe is a responsibility we all share as parents, neighbors, friends and school staff. Mitel Revolution is a powerful communications solution that can help your school streamline emergency response, connect seamlessly with first…
Man sitting at a desk looking frustrated at an old desk phone

Old Business Phone Systems Are Costing You Time, Money and Customers

Your business phone system is more than a way to make phone calls. A sophisticated communication system serves as a lifeline – linking staff, clients and opportunities together. If your phone system is plagued by glitches, dropped calls and…
Two hotel staff members standing behind the front desk.

How to Elevate the Guest Experience with a Mitel Phone System

Communication lies at the heart of the hospitality industry and the Mitel phone system is a core component. For hospitality managers, as much as 80% of the day is spent communicating interpersonally with others, from employees to guests. Adopting…