Government and education organizations: is it time to rethink your approach to your cloud phone systems? Many SLED agencies have outdated solutions that are no longer serving their changing needs. However, deciding what your needs are and then uncovering the best system for your organization can be a challenge. In this article, we’ll run through the must-know information and show you how you can identify the best option for your government or education organization.

What Phone System Features are Must-Haves for SLED Agencies?

The first decision schools and government agencies need to make is whether they want to stay on-premise or move to the cloud. Making that decision up front will impact the modern features that you need in a phone system.

Here are a few factors you’ll need in a new cloud phone system that meets your needs:


With any technology in your organization, reliability is a must. SLED agencies need reliable communication and if your solution proves to be anything but, you could be facing some serious problems. The right cloud-based phone solutions help lower the risk of downtime by working through your internet connection rather than traditional landlines.


SLED organizations are on tight budgets and therefore, need technology solutions that work within those numbers. The good thing about many VoIP solutions is that they’re highly affordable. Features and services can be altered at any time, meaning the service can always stay within your budget.


Needs in SLED agencies can change year-to-year, but VoIP solutions can adjust to those requirements. Extensions, phone numbers and other services under your system can be added or removed as needed. And if the power does go out, calls can then be rerouted to mobile phones, meaning your organization won’t miss important communications – even during an emergency.

Smart Features

SLED organizations require phone solutions that fit their unique needs. Cloud phone systems can come with a number of smart features including:

  • Updated intercom system
  • Call recording
  • Call logging
  • Distance learning tools
  • Video conferencing
  • School intruder alerts
  • Hazardous conditions and weather alerts
  • Motion detection
  • Unified bell schedule
  • and more

AC SLED Cloud web graphic

Is it Time for an Upgrade?

Change can be difficult but upgrading your phone system can be exactly what your SLED agency needs to keep ahead of changing technology and the needs and demands of your organization. If you’re facing these problems, it’s time for new cloud phone systems:

  • Your existing phone system is regularly going down, whether due to landline issues, weather or another factor.
  • Employees lack the necessary tools for remote learning or work, meetings and collaboration.
  • Your existing emergency alert system is outdated or unreliable.
  • Your current solution isn’t meeting government requirements for call recording and logging.
  • The intercom system currently in place is incapable of meeting changing demands, is bulky or not convenient for employees.

Find the Phone System Solution That Works for You

Of course, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all phone system that will fit every SLED agency. That’s why we offer a wide variety of options and partners (both on-premise and in the cloud) for you to choose from. Here’s a quick rundown of the various choices we have for your organization and how you can benefit going forward:

Premise-Based Phone Systems

Mitel Phone System

  • Strong features for administration
  • Works seamlessly with mobile devices


  • User-friendly
  • Offers built-in mobility solutions that can work with a variety of operating systems

Cloud-Based Phone Systems

Microsoft Teams

  • If you’re already using Microsoft products, Teams can be a seamless addition
  • Improved collaboration tools and resources


  • Great for webinars and video conferences – it can even support larger audiences
  • Many are already familiar with how Zoom works so change has less pushback


  • Has the best total cost of ownership
  • Affordable for organizations with tight budgets


  • Affordable
  • Focused on high security
  • Has one of the best UCaaS in the industry

Ring Central

  • Has plenty of premium features that can be added as needed
  • Great for hybrid and remote work, classes and meetings
  • Has one of the best UCaaS in the industry


  • Offers real-time analytics
  • Pre-scheduled dial outs
  • Has one of the best UCaaS in the industry

Choosing the right cloud phone systems for your SLED agency is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Even when realizing the benefits, it can be difficult for organizations to decide on any one system. That’s why Affiliated Communications works with SLED organizations to uncover the best phone solutions for their current and future needs.

Ready to upgrade your cloud phone systems? Find the best solution with us.