Crystal-ball-predictions for unified communications and cloud services

What Our Crystal Ball is Predicting for Unified Communications

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In these times of rapid automation and increased cybersecurity threats, organizations have relied on IT solutions more than ever. The world took a collective blink, and suddenly 2022 is around the corner. As the year end rolls around, organizations…
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Cloud-Based Phone Systems Vs. On-Premise for Healthcare Companies
Virtual Contact Center To Help Your Business

A Phone System Enhanced Through Virtualization

What sets VoIP apart and makes it effective as your communication solution? There are a few reasons that makes it the perfect choice for your business.
VoIP network security

Network Security Tips for Your VoIP Phone System

If you use VoIP to take and make calls for your business, you may be vulnerable to major security breaches and need to look out for warning signs.
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The Secret to Choosing the Right Business Phone System

As an experienced managed IT service provider, we know how important it is to support your office with a flexible and cost-effective business phone system.
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Business Telephone Systems—Choosing the Best Type

When it comes to business telecommunications, the 4 top options are UCaaS, UC, On-site PBX, and KSU systems. Discover which solution is best for your business.
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The Ultimate Guide to VoIP Conference Calling

Learn how your VoIP solution can improve the way your employees and partners communicate during conferences with Affiliated Communications.
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Benefits of Voice Collaboration for New Businesses

Make sure your new business is getting the most out of its technology. Check out the benefits of voice collaboration.
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4 Ways UCaaS Can Boost Collaboration at Work

Often, meetings can seem like an inefficient way to communicate. This can be frustrating, as many people feel nothing gets accomplished. With Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), you can make meetings more effective and efficient.