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Make office communication efficient and seamless with a cloud-based phone system. Discover how you can take advantage of intergrated communications and more mobile control in one, centralized, easy-to-use platform.

Cloud Based Phone Systems and Their Impact on Your Business

Unified communications is a sure-fire way to create greater growth opportunities in your business. Phone calls are vital to any business, regardless of who they are or what they offer. Using a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) system through the cloud has many benefits that most people may not know. If you’re on the fence deciding if you should make the switch, we have a comprehensive list to help you have a more informed opinion. Traditional phone services work, but you could get so much more accomplished through the cloud.

Integrated Communications

Integrating a company’s communications with its everyday applications for business processes helps increase efficiency. Creating and using a cloud-based business phone system provides you with tools that operate in the cloud. These are easy to deploy so employees can stay connected regardless of where they are. The cloud helps increase productivity through seamless access to any applications, services, or systems you may need at any given moment.

Control, Mobility, Ease

A cloud phone system for small businesses needs to have more than just calling functionality. With all the advanced features available, you need a cloud-operated system that puts your business in charge, instead of it being in charge of you. You should be the one determining the best features for your needs, with simple access methods. 

Employees also  should be able to have access to these cloud solutions anytime they want on any device so they’re never left out of the loop. Real-time access is critical to interconnecting every moving part of your business. As workplaces become more mobile, there need to be ways to have your desk phone with you at all times without it actually leaving the desk. VoIP solutions through the cloud clears away the headache that comes with calling and video conferencing, since your employees now have access on the go from anywhere. 

Flexibility and Continuity

Your business will need to scale its services as it continues to grow, and a cloud business phone service provides you the flexibility you need to scale up or down as needed. When you hire new employees, open new offices, or onboard new customers, you will always have a system in place that can handle any influx of new information. The extensions you add can accommodate more calls, and these extensions can be deactivated as needed. Your business can also maintain a constant presence regardless of outside factors using high-quality business continuity.

A cloud based VoIP phone system can be integrated easily into any process, grow with your company, and provide everything a traditional phone system can. If you’re hoping to make the switch now or later, [contact Affiliated today].