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At Affiliated Communications, we offer Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) to our customers. This service has the same capabilities as an onsite contact center, but instead of being in a physical location, its services are delivered through the cloud. Your employees will be operating through cloud-based applications, so they can resolve customer complaints quickly and efficiently without having to use the hardware and separate software programs that a physical contact center uses. 

You can also use the cloud services that we offer to boost employee engagement and performance. One great way to do that is by using business gamification techniques. 

What Is Gamification?

Gamification is a term for using the structure and design of a game in a non-game setting. It can be used in learning exercises, such as employee training and onboarding sessions, or to improve employee performance on the job. To be clear, gamification is not creating games for business purposes. Instead, gamification for business is taking specific aspects of game mechanics—such as clear goal setting, game levels, visible rewards, and competition—and applying them to aspects of employees’ jobs.

How Does Contact Center Gamification Work?

In contact center or call center gamification, the game mechanics mentioned above are used to keep the contact or call center agents engaged so that they provide great customer service. Since contact and call centers suffer such a high rate of employee turnover, gamification has been implemented to give employees a reason to perform their jobs well and improve their customer engagement.

Gamification Platform Setup

In a cloud-based contact center, you can set up a gamification platform that includes a leaderboard, so that contact or call center managers and employees can look at and compare their progress. The platform can use a points system, and the leaderboard can show everyone’s earned points. 

You can integrate the number of points an employee has into levels so that everyone starts at a beginner level and they reach a new level each time they gain a certain number of points. They could reach a new level every time they earn 100 points or 500 points—the specific point increments are entirely up to you. You can also use the points to award badges or prizes when employees hit those points increments. Visible rewards will keep your employees and platform users engaged. 

Gamification of Performance Factors

Once you’ve decided how to format your gamification platform, you’ll have to decide which aspects of your employees’ performance you’d like to measure and improve. You can use a tracking system within the platform to measure everyone’s performance. 

Some of the areas you can measure and gamify include:

  • Number of calls taken per hour
  • Number of sales or appointments an employee sets
  • Call resolution speed
  • Problem resolution without escalation
  • Customer comments, complaints, and compliments about employees

You can determine how you measure and reward these aspects of employees’ performance. When you do that, you may see a positive change in the atmosphere in your work environment. That’s because your employees will be more engaged, and showing them their performance results can turn both good and bad customer interactions into learning experiences. 

Gamification is not just about points and badges. It’s also about making sure that your employees are involved in the workplace and doing everything they can to improve their performance.

Cloud-Based CCaaS Solutions for Your Business Needs

Implementing gamification with CCaaS solutions can not only improve your work environment, but it can also increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. At Affiliated Communications, we will work with you to create scalable CCaaS solutions that meet your business’s needs. We make sure that your business objectives are clearly defined, so you can determine which CCaaS services best fit your needs, and then we can design them according to your specifications. 

If you have any questions about our CCaaS solutions or if you are interested in implementing them for your business, contact us today.