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Your phone system is the backbone of your business. It plays a critical role in how your company is able to communicate. However, many organizations don’t take care of their phone systems. As a result, expensive repairs and upgrades are needed just to keep the systems up and running. Maintenance services can prevent your commercial voice services from malfunctioning and delay the need for an upgrade.   

Business Phone System Maintenance

Businesses of all sizes rely on phone systems because they’re the most effective, efficient, and reliable way to communicate. Since this is the case, phone maintenance isn’t just some luxury; it’s a necessity for smooth business operations. Here are a few reasons your company should invest in maintenance services.  

Lowers Risk of Malfunctions

Imagine your phone network goes down unexpectedly. How much would this event cost your company? Rather than finding out personally, it would be better to take preventive measures. Just like your car needs occasional maintenance to keep it working properly, so does your phone. Without maintenance, the chances of your phone system malfunctioning go up exponentially. This can lead to extended downtime as your system is repaired. We can make sure there is never any downtime and that you are always covered, no matter the circumstances.  

Greater Monitoring and Analytics

Keeping up to date with all the information available to you is crucial. We provide an array of monitoring services so that you are notified should any issue arise. We have a number of testing tools, instruments, and software to analyze your systems faster than ever before. We can also provide you reports about customer usage application data and ticket history so that you are always in the loop.


A little bit of prevention is worth a pound of repairs. One repair may not bother your company all that much. However, if your system needs to be repaired more than once, the bills can quickly stack up. In addition, if you choose to upgrade, you could end up paying a pretty hefty price to replace your whole system.  


In addition to the benefits listed above, maintenance services are also convenient. A good maintenance service will provide maintenance, support, and supplies all in one place. You get total coverage for all of your business phone, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and other voice communications under one predictable monthly bill. 

The Best Products and Services

At Affiliated Communications, we take pride in the high-quality products and superior services we’re able to provide for our customers. We offer not one, but several, types of maintenance service plans for your telephone, data, and wireless networks. Each phone system maintenance contract is customizable for your business needs. If you’d like to learn more about our maintenance plans, give us a call today! 

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