Communication lies at the heart of the hospitality industry and the Mitel phone system is a core component. For hospitality managers, as much as 80% of the day is spent communicating interpersonally with others, from employees to guests. Adopting a phone system that makes this communication straightforward and effective boosts your guest experience and in turn, your revenue. Here is what you need to know about investing in the right communication system for your hotel or hospitality business.

Phone Systems and Their Central Position in Hospitality

The world of hospitality revolves around communication. From casinos to cruise ships, you need to connect with your guests so that they have a pleasant visit and continue to seek your location out from among your competitors. Here are a few key ways your communication plays a role in how you run your business.

Overall guest experience

Customers value personalization in their interactions with hospitality businesses. From making it easy for guests to get in touch with your front desk or customer service in real-time to offering bonus features like virtual check-ins, quality communication can make people’s stays more pleasant.

Optimizing hotel operations

To keep your hotel operating effectively, you want to streamline your workflows so that you can bring services to your guests more efficiently. For example, optimizing your hotel phone system to utilize the cloud can help you store valuable information and accurately track all the relevant data. Proper data and connections allow you to build alignment with your hotel phones, so everyone has a consistent experience when contacting your business.

Simplifying collaboration

Bringing together all the different parts of the communication system so your staff can collaborate more readily will boost productivity. With features like advanced call screening and routing, guests can contact the person who can efficiently address their needs, and employees can work more effectively.

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What happens when your phone system doesn’t work as needed

If your hotel phone system does not operate with the best-in-class capabilities, you will likely encounter several challenges and frustrations.

  • It becomes harder to create streamlined, optimized guest experiences. You cannot maximize client communication, which results in disjointed experiences for guests.
  • You decrease productivity. Your employees will not have the connections they need to work seamlessly with other team members, which results in lower productivity.
  • It becomes more challenging to keep all the communications organized in one spot. Disjointed information can result in oversights and inconsistent user experiences.
  • The lack of unification makes it harder for people to collaborate, creating difficult experiences for staff.

Why Mitel is a Great Choice for Hotel Phone Systems

Mitel offers hospitality businesses access to leading phone solutions tailored to the industry. Enjoy these benefits with a Mitel phone system:

  1. Unified communications make it easier to provide reliable phone communications and track and record data related to phone call rates.
  2. Enhanced call screening and routing boost your ability to connect guests with people who can help them effectively.
  3. Enabling auto attendant ensures customers get their calls answered promptly and keeps guests happy. They can gain access to the information they need and do not have to wait on hold or listen to a ringing line.
  4. Full hospitality features are at the tip of your fingers such as cleaning service, status of room, wakeup calls, check out, etc.
  5. Quick access to services like spas or in-room dining with one touch.
  6. Raises company revenue by easily accessing billing services to keep more customer spend.
  7. Integration to PMS systems that keeps track of billing to easily provide one overall bill.

Some advanced phone systems also offer additional features that benefit guests, such as advanced call processing and chat features that all facilitate communication between guests and employees.

Mitel also offers services for different types of hospitality establishments. For example, cruise ships have access to features like IP phones and wireless DECT phones that keep everyone in contact even when out to sea. For large hotels and casinos, the communication centers keep the company connected with their guests regardless of where they might be in the facility. Additional features constructed especially for those in hospitality, such as tools for reservations and guest requests, further enhance the guest experience.

Affiliated Communications is Your Texas Phone Solution Partner

Those in the hospitality industry who want to improve their communication should consider the systems offered by Mitel. With their hospitality-focused, industry-leading capabilities, it has never been so easy for businesses to streamline and improve their communication. Affiliated Communications is here to serve as your dedicated phone solution provider in Texas. We partner with Mitel so that we can bring their first-in-class tools to our clients, while our experience and support help you get the most out of these capabilities.

Let us know what challenges your business currently faces, and we can provide an on-site visit to help you determine the best option for improvement. Let’s get started now.