Managing multiple technology and communication vendors can be challenging for organizations, and keeping up with various bills and contracts takes considerable administrative effort. Support issues often require coordinating across vendors to resolve problems. 

Luckily, there’s a much simpler approach. Vendor consolidation offers a promising solution by streamlining the management of IT budgets, communications solutions, and IT solutions under one roof with a single provider. 

5 Key Problems Facing Organizations of All Types and Sizes 

Organizations working with many vendors for IT and communications solutions face five common difficulties: 

1. Administrative overload 

Handling various supplier invoices and managing contracts soaks up countless hours for staff members each month. Organizations surveyed estimate that over 17 hours per week are spent making vendor payments, processing bills, tracking renewal dates, and general administrative maintenance across the multitude of suppliers. The capacity drain hampers progress on more critical initiatives. 

2. Juggling multiple vendors 

Coordinating services like IT solutions and tracking contacts across the different technology and telecom vendors proves challenging, even for seasoned staff. Determining the right point of contact for issues requires tedious cross-referencing across accounts. Even simple requests, like adding a phone line to your business phone system, mean inefficient cycles of coordinating logistics across departments and external companies. 

3. Service disruptions 

The risk of finger pointing and prolonged outages escalates with system complexity tied to vendor dependencies. A single fiber-optic line cut can paralyze operations if suppliers improperly route incident resolution tickets. Consolidation through a single coordination focal point, like Affiliated Communications, simplifies diagnosis by removing organizational barriers between providers. 

4. Paying double

In any type of organization, staff bandwidth constraints result in personnel failing to cancel redundant subscriptions, which results in exceeding your communications and IT budgets. Overlapping services across vendors often lack visibility at the enterprise level. 

In addition, duplicate orders occur as personnel switch roles or fail to verify whether desired services already exist. A consolidated review and auditing can help minimize slippage and help the organization get better insights into what they are paying for. 


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5. Unclear support chain 

When service disruptions hit, uncertainty about who to call to escalate the issue across the web of vendors prevents rapid response. Even reliable providers struggle to assist customers who cannot pinpoint relevant account or site IDs. 

Identifying whether networking, equipment, or software issues caused the incident also suffers from fragmented information flows between an organization and a vendor. 

Experiencing one or more of these problems? Give us a call. 

The Benefits of Vendor Consolidation 

Vendor consolidation for multiple IT and communications solutions offers significant advantages for organizations of all types and sizes: 

Greater accountability 

With a single point of contact, you get straight answers when difficulties emerge. With Affiliated Communications’ One Bill program, we assume responsibility for coordinating across your vendors to solve problems. No more finger pointing between suppliers. 

Cost savings 

Simplifying technology services by combining them into one bill helps you use resources more efficiently across different vendor accounts. Our One Bill program checks these services to find any that are duplicated, which helps to cut costs. 


Managing various accounts, invoices, and partnerships makes operations a lot more complex. Affiliated Communication’s One Bill reduces headaches through a single monthly bill and straightforward support structure. 

Peace of mind 

Navigating technical support across different vendors creates uncertainties. One Bill values transparency and resolving issues quickly through our centralized vendor coordination resources. 

Get the One Bill Program From Affiliated Communications 

The One Bill program brings together an organizations’ critical IT solutions and communications needs under one simplified offering. By consolidating services spanning internet solutions, business phone systems, and IT support, One Bill reduces costs and administrative burdens through: 

  • A single monthly bill 
  • Scaled vendor pricing 
  • Centralized support system 
  • Simplified contract management 
  • Consolidated renewals 

With bundled service management and billing, Affiliated Communications removes the headaches of redundancy and confusion stemming from tech vendor sprawl. One Bill allows staff to focus on constructive priorities rather than administrative upkeep across scattered suppliers. 

Revolutionizing Business Communications and IT Solutions 

Don’t let administrative tasks across endless technology vendors limit performance. Bring billing, services, and support together under one roof through Affiliated Communications’ One Bill program today. You’ll gain simplicity and cost transparency that empower your organization. 

We make consolidating vendors easy. Contact us if you’re interested in learning how Affiliated Communications can help simplify your organization.