Your business phone system is more than a way to make phone calls. A sophisticated communication system serves as a lifeline – linking staff, clients and opportunities together. If your phone system is plagued by glitches, dropped calls and a lack of essential features, it could be costing you much more than you realize. 

Let’s examine how an outdated system can sabotage your company’s success and why switching to a modern Mitel phone solution, with the expert help of Affiliated Communications, is the smart move. 

Outdated Phone Systems Cost You Money 

Outdated phone systems can create hidden costs and erode profits. Here are a few specific points to consider: 

Maintenance and repairs 

Old systems can become increasingly expensive to maintain, with parts becoming both difficult to find and expensive to replace. Additionally, you may need to rely on costly specialized technicians for repairs. 

Missed opportunities 

If your system lacks features like call forwarding, mobile integration or video conferencing, you might miss out on potential sales or collaborations. Difficulty connecting with clients on their terms can drive them to competitors. 


An unreliable phone system is prone to outages. Every hour without vital phone service can significantly impact sales, stall important projects and create lasting customer dissatisfaction. 

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Outdated Phone Systems Cost You Time 

Employees and teams waste valuable time battling an inefficient phone system. This impacts your bottom line in significant ways: 

Cumbersome processes 

Complex menus, confusing call transfers and limited voicemail access can significantly slow productivity. Time spent struggling with technology is time taken away from serving customers and moving the business forward. 

Lack of integration 

An old business phone system often doesn’t play well with other tools like CRM software. This leads to manual data entry, missed information and a less streamlined workflow that costs both time and accuracy. 

Remote work challenges 

An outdated phone system can make it difficult for employees to collaborate while working from home or on the road. This can stifle flexibility and make it harder to retain top talent. 

Outdated Business Phone Systems Cost You Customers 

Perhaps most importantly, clinging to an outdated phone system can negatively affect your customer experience – creating a potential chain reaction that damages both reputation and revenue. Consider these factors: 

Poor call quality 

Dropped calls, static and echoing on the line create a frustrating experience for customers. This can lead to negative perceptions about your company’s professionalism. 

Slow response time 

Lengthy hold times, confusing menus and missed calls can infuriate customers, making them feel unimportant and driving them toward competitors who offer easy and seamless communications. 

Limited accessibility 

If your phone system can’t handle video calls or lacks clear options for the hearing impaired, you may alienate potential customers and lose business opportunities. 

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Mitel Phone Systems: The Smart Upgrade 

It’s time to ditch your outdated system and embrace the power of modern communications. Mitel is a leading provider of business phone solutions, offering features and flexibility that can transform your operations. Here’s why Mitel stands out: 


Mitel systems are renowned for their uptime. This means fewer disruptions and the confidence that you’re always connected. 


Your Mitel phone system can easily grow with your business. Avoid the headache of replacing your technology as your needs expand or downsize. 

Advanced features 

Benefit from call forwarding, voicemail-to-email, video conferencing, presence indicators, instant messaging and more – tailor the system to your ideal workflow. 


Protect your sensitive business data and client information with Mitel’s focus on strong security protocols. 

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Affiliated Communications: Your Seamless Transition Partner 

Upgrading your business phone system doesn’t have to be painful. Affiliated Communications, a certified Mitel phone system dealer, makes the process simple and stress-free. Here’s why partnering with us is the right choice: 

  • Expertise you can count on: Affiliated Communications understands Mitel systems thoroughly. We’ll recommend the best solution for your specific needs. 
  • Solutions tailored to your Industry: Affiliated Communications has experience in a wide variety of industries. Our solutions address your sector’s communication requirements. 
  • Commitment to outstanding service: Partnering with us means receiving ongoing, reliable support for your phone system. 
  • Installation done right: Certified technicians will seamlessly install your new Mitel system, minimizing any potential disruptions to your operations. 
  • Ongoing support for continued success: Affiliated Communications provides training and troubleshooting to ensure you get the most out of your Mitel phone system. 

Don’t let your outdated business phone system continue to hold your organization back. Contact Affiliated Communications today for a free consultation and discover how a modern Mitel solution can transform your communications, boost productivity and deliver a superior customer experience.