How many times do you pick up the phone in your hospital every single day? And how much time does your staff need to stay on the phone to connect with coworkers and patients?

There’s no doubt that business telephone systems are essential to running a hospital! But when it’s time for an upgrade that best serves your organization and the community you serve, do you know which communication tool to go with? Keep reading to learn more about why hospital telephone systems are so important, plus some different providers we partner with that you may want to consider for your upgrade.

Reliable Telephone Systems are a MUST in Healthcare Organizations

Between answering patient calls and connecting with coworkers, high quality communication is not an option in the healthcare industry. It’s a must. Miscommunication can lead to serious errors and misunderstandings when it comes to health as well as business operations. It’s also a necessity to reduce threats, improve productivity, and keep your business moving forward.

But healthcare organizations and hospitals need more than a phone that simply receives calls and dials out. Communication options should, when chosen properly, provide:

  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Improvement to day-to-day operations
  • Increased physical security
  • Weather emergency and hazardous condition alerts
  • In-building paging
  • Building monitoring
  • Improved patient experience
  • Improved employee experience
  • The communication tools that best fit your hospital and its needs
  • Reliability

Choosing a Provider – Your Options for Hospital Phone Systems

You have plenty of options when it comes to your hospital telephone system, but do you know which one will benefit your organization the most? Here are some of the providers that Affiliated Communications partners with, plus their benefits and features that could help you make the decision.


Mitel is an excellent on-premise business phone system for both hospitals and healthcare organizations of all sizes. Flexible and reliable, one phone solution from Mitel, MiVoice Business, has voice and collaboration tools that can be used to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Improve the customer and employee experiences
  • Ensure your business is able to take action if there is an emergency.

MiVoice Business is also easy to use and extremely cost effective.


Another onsite and hybrid option for healthcare organizations is Avaya. Highly customizable, it is designed to help with collaboration and productivity. The system can also support up to 50,000 users and has a wide range of features available so it can fit your business’s unique needs. And if you have a host of sites you need to connect within your organization, Avaya can network with over 100 sites.

Work with Affiliated Communications to Select a Hospital Telephone System

Even knowing the benefits, making the decision on which communications provider to go with can be difficult. Many have some of the same benefits and features, for instance, yet one may have better tools and resources for your unique organization, the size of your organization, or your current communications setup. Comparing them is an option, but you have a hospital to run – learning all the pros and cons of each system takes time you likely don’t have.

That’s where Affiliated Communications comes in. We understand the benefits, downsides, features, and tools of each system we partner with so we can help you make that decision. Since 1984, we’ve been helping businesses like yours make the best choices for their communication needs. Our experience and knowledge helps you increase productivity, worry less about communications, better serve your patients, and improve security throughout your entire organization, all while enhancing your healthcare organization’s performance.

If it’s time to upgrade your hospital telephone system to best serve the needs of your staff and your communities, we’d love to have a conversation.


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