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SD-WAN, otherwise known as a software-defined wide area network, is one of the newest WAN solutions on the market. An SD-WAN solution can be applied as a virtual overlay to a company’s current WAN connection. An SD-WAN professional can connect your branches and data centers while optimizing your network performance. Since SD-WAN is a software, configuring this solution into your current infrastructure is quick and easy. It is a big shift in the marketplace which should displace MPLS because of cost disaster recovery, scalability, and has monitoring and analytics built in.

The Many Benefits of Using SD-WAN

Centralized Performance Boost

SD-WAN vendors provide a product that has it all. Through SD-WAN, you can simplify your operations by creating a centralized hub. With a central provisioning dashboard, your deployments are safe, secure, and simple. Everything is one click away so you don’t have to dig for the operations you are looking for. Your apps run smoother and your network security is assured. 

Through SD-WAN, you will have a drastic decrease in jitter, latency, and packet loss, meaning your business-critical applications are up and running stronger than ever. The architecture is streamlined so everyone benefits, regardless of where they are working from. Communication speed increases as well, creating a greater user experience as everything is simplified. 

Safe and Secure

SD-WAN security is some of the best on the market. SD-WAN provides encrypted network traffic so no one is caught unawares. By segmenting your network, even if one portion goes down, the rest is able to function naturally. Performance is optimized, so visibility and control are key. Any data going into or through your cloud-based applications is secure so you can handle any type or amount of information without worrying about hazardous mistakes. Sensitive files are secure across the network. 

Flexibility Through the Cloud

Through the cloud, SD-WAN is able to shine more than traditional WAN services. With cloud applications, you can scale the deployment of your WAN to fit the needs of your company. As traffic increases, you can move your applications to the cloud and restructure your WAN as necessary. SD-WAN allows hybrid solutions so you don’t have to rely on the cloud completely for your storage needs. Costs are lower through the cloud, and setting up your network can be customized to the unique needs of your business. Network services have clarity when problems appear so they can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Troubleshooting doesn’t affect the user experience and allows everything to continue running while still staying compliant. 

SD-WAN services provide exactly what you always wanted for a wide area network, with application performance to match. With so many benefits, you never need to worry about your network having issues again. If you’re interested in pursuing SD-WAN, [contact Affiliated today].