Is it time to make the switch? The right cloud solutions for your organization can make a world of difference for your bottom line, efficiency, and productivity. Discover how the cloud phone services we offer can help you lower costs, improve the customer experience, secure your data, and scale with you when it’s time to grow.

#1. Cloud Solutions Can Help You Lower Costs

A major roadblock businesses and organizations run into when it comes to communications is the upfront costs. It can be expensive to set up a 50-person call center with all the features you need from analytics to workforce analysis to recording. This might cause you to stick with older technology that “is good enough” but not really meeting the needs of your team.

However, adopting cloud solutions through Affiliated Communications doesn’t come with that immense upfront expense. One of the main benefits of cloud solutions is how much they can truly help you lower your spending while getting more for your money. Since you’re renting UCaaS from a provider rather than owning it, you can save a lot. Migration is simple by working with Affiliated Communications. You can ensure you’re getting the best services for your telephone needs whether that is Ring Central, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, 8×8, or another company. We will set you up with the right partner for you.

Cost savings for other areas of your organization

The same is true with other areas of your business, too. When you have to manage your wide-area network (WAN), for example, SD-WAN solutions can bring cost-effective upgrades to the table allowing you to get more bandwidth. However, it’s important to not go with just any solution – we work with different partners including VeloCloud, Aryaka, and Bigleaf to ensure organizations’ unique needs are being met as they all offer varying services.

Also, cybersecurity services and solutions can cost an individual company $250,000 on average to start up, which causes quite a few organizations to ignore security all together and simply hope they’re not targeted by an attack. By utilizing cloud solutions, though, teams don’t have to spend and spend to keep hackers out.

The right cloud solutions allow you to have the best of the best, without having to pay high-end prices.


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#2. You Can Improve the Customer Experience

Lost calls and missing information can prove disastrous to your reputation and bottom line. If your employees are constantly doing battle with outdated technology, it’s likely that your customers are noticing. How many are heading to competitors as a result?

Cloud solutions like CCaaS ensure your communications are streamlined. They are easy to use, efficient, and cost effective. Your customers will also appreciate them. With skillset routing, you can ensure the right employee is answering the phone. With call recording, you can train your newest team members. Analytics allow you to look at how long calls are lasting, the issues your customers are running into, and where you can improve. In addition, CCaaS also makes sure your clients aren’t waiting on hold for so long that they’re simply hanging up.

As with our other cloud solutions, we work with several different partners so our clients are getting the critical services they need the most. For CCaaS, we work with:

#3. Cloud Solutions Improve Your Cybersecurity Strategy

Smaller and mid-sized organizations are not going unnoticed by hackers. In fact, they’re more likely to be attacked than enterprises. This is largely due to the fact that these smaller businesses can’t afford the technology, security methods, monitoring, and training that the larger ones can. Or they don’t have the IT team to handle maintenance and upgrades of their hardware and software. If your organization is the target of an attack, they can shut you down and make it extremely expensive for you to get your data back. Some businesses do not come back after they’ve fallen victim.

Cloud solutions help your cybersecurity strategy in a number of ways. Thanks to the reduced cost, even smaller organizations can take advantage of top-notch cybersecurity services and partners. Monitoring solutions and alarms allow you to be notified as soon as something is wrong. This means that we can isolate the attack and shut it down before it becomes a serious problem.

Discover what our cybersecurity consulting services can offer you.

Automatic updates in the cloud

In addition, cloud solutions allow you to focus more on other aspects of your business and less on upgrades, patches, and ongoing maintenance. It’s all handled for you on the cloud by our team. You don’t have to worry about a missed patch holding the door open for a cyberattack.

Businesses can also benefit from disaster recovery services. If your organization is the target of a cyberattack, your office experiences a natural disaster, or something goes wrong with your hardware, your data doesn’t have to be lost forever. Backing it up to the cloud means your most valuable information is secure and can be restored quickly, cutting down on the length of time you’re out of the game.

#4. Cloud Solutions Help You Meet Your Organization’s Needs

When it comes time to grow your business, some communication systems can be difficult to scale with your organization. It can be expensive, or you could be paying for services you simply don’t need. If your

communication and backup tools aren’t keeping up with your business, you could see a wealth of problems including loss of customers, poor employee experience, and lower profits.

However, since they’re so flexible, cloud solutions can tick all the boxes off today and tomorrow, and next year. They can:

  • Grow and scale with your organization
  • Make onboarding easier and quicker
  • Be adjusted to meet changing needs
  • Allow you to easily add or take away features and solutions
  • Improve communication and the employee experience
  • Provide you with the best tools at a fraction of the cost even when you need to upgrade to new solutions
  • Help you take advantage of your most valuable data

There’s no doubt – cloud solutions can make an immense difference for organizations in Texas. They make the best of the best services out there more affordable, even for smaller businesses.

Let Affiliated Communications Match You to the Best Cloud Solutions For You

It’s important to note that not all cloud solutions are the same. There are differences among all the services and it’s important that they be identified, or you’re going to be paying for solutions you don’t need. Affiliated Communications will first discuss your wants, needs, goals, and hurdles when it comes to communications. We’ll then work with you to identify the best cloud solutions for your unique challenges.

Get in touch with Texas’ cloud experts at Affiliated Communications to find the right cloud solutions for your organization. Make your life easier & better in the cloud.