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SD-WAN is a software-defined approach to managing the wide-area network, or WAN. Traditionally, the WAN function was meant to connect all users, wherever they were, to applications hosted on servers in a data center. They helped ensure security and connectivity were kept intact, but unfortunately, they were not cloud-friendly. As applications began using the cloud more and more, businesses began experiencing increased traffic that resulted in several issues.

Thankfully, things have changed since the days of WAN. The software designed WAN (SD-WAN) was developed to improve performance for mission-critical applications—and most businesses are singing its praises. If your business isn’t using SD-WAN, you’re missing out on important benefits.

Improved Application Performance

SD-WAN has application awareness technology that allows you to prioritize the traffic on your connections. This helps increase the speed and improve software performance for your employees.

More Reliability

SD-WAN uses backup links to re-route traffic to run over the strongest connection available by monitoring network conditions. It can intelligently recognize the most bandwidth-sensitive applications your business uses and ensure they never slow down or experience downtime. Your employees will have a high-quality experience with cloud based and on-premise SD-WAN.

Simplified Management

SD-WAN makes it simple to scale across a multitude of endpoints from a single management interface. Cloud-based SD-WAN canautomate zero-touch deployment globally and mass configure any number of devices in any number of locations with just one click.

Improved Security

With SD-WAN security, firewalls are built in to your SD-WAN hardware so data do not have to travel back to the headquarters or data center for advanced security protection and threat prevention. Instead, they can be activated and configured from the same management console, sending your information through encrypted tunnels to protect it from attacks, intrusions, and surveillance.

Reduced Monthly Costs

With an on-premise setup, there are little to no monthly costs for SD-WAN cloud-enablement bandwidth. And since SD-WAN systems improve performance and reliability, costs resulting from downtime and lost productivity are reduced. With increased security, there’s also less risk of losing precious data to cyberattacks, which are typically expensive to resolve. You’ll be able to see a full return on investment in less time with SD-WAN.

Streamline Your Business With SD-WAN Services

Are you ready to move to an SD-WAN solution? Affiliated Communications can help you improve your company’s network with a cloud-based or on-premise SD-WAN. We’ll work to identify the most cost-effective solution for you and outline the specific advantages you’ll experience from our services. Contact us today to get started!