Technology as a Service

Technology as a Service

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The word technology carries a lot of meaning with it. You might think about the evolution of the mobile phone, which now represents a tiny computer, camera, and communication device that we carry around in our pockets.

Or you might think about how technology has shaped our very existence and health, through medical devices and testing that wasn’t available before the technology was invented.

But in business, technology represents the backbone of what you are able to accomplish. Without technology, you wouldn’t be able to talk to your customers, to process employee paychecks, or to function. Technology as a Service aims to help your business function even better, by allowing you to leverage the latest technological developments without the major upfront cost that it usually entails.

What is Technology as a Service?

Technology as a Service, which you might see abbreviated as TaaS or XaaS, is the overarching idea behind companies providing software-powered technology to companies on a subscription basis. Instead of shelling out for expensive enterprise systems, companies can rent the same technology on a monthly or annual basis, freeing up capital and allowing for a lot more technological flexibility. Further, technology as a service means that software support falls to the service provider, giving IT personnel the time focus on strategic initiatives.

Some of the best-known technology as a service providers include Salesforce, Google, and Amazon.

Why Do You Need to Know?

Chances are good that your company is already XaaS in some way or another — whether you use Google Apps, Microsoft 365, or even a cloud-based phone system. Even if you use these things every day, you might not connect those services to the “as a service” ethos. By being able to group these types of technologies together under the XaaS umbrella, it becomes easier to streamline your internal processes and choose those services that work best together, and that work best for you.

Why is TaaS Taking Over?

You want to be able to access the latest technology. Choosing the right systems and programs has always been a differentiator for businesses. When you pick the winner in a technological race, you save yourself the time and expense of having to change horses in midstream, so to speak. TaaS makes it easy to keep your systems upgraded so that you can utilize the latest technology without the upfront cost that comes with non-cloud solutions.

There is a good chance that you are already using technology as a service, whether it’s for your mobile phone carrier, cloud storage, or CRM. But when you open yourself up to the possibilities of XaaS, you can gain even more benefit for your business and reach your goals more efficiently.



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