Blog Photo Picking a Cloud Partner

Have you considered moving your business communication systems to the cloud? If you are a growing organization looking to simplify your business communication systems, moving to the cloud is a great decision. Migrating your business-critical applications to the cloud allows your organization to scale quickly, reduce costs, and provide a better user experience for your customers and your employees.

Most businesses don’t have the expertise or the time to transition to the cloud on their own. That’s why you have IT outsourcing services as an option.

There are many things to take into consideration when choosing a cloud partner to work with: What service providers do they partner with? Who will manage your system? What is the cost? And so on.

Here are three things to consider when choosing a cloud partner for your business phone services.

Wholesale Agreements And Vendor Relationships

One thing to look for when you’re picking a cloud partner is their vendor relationships. There are many layers involved in building out a cloud service for your business. There is often a complex network of connected components and subcontractors, all playing a part in delivering a cloud phone service. Working with a provider that offers service level agreements (SLAs) will make your life easier.

Many providers partner with various carriers and cloud phone system providers in an effort to offer bundled services. Choosing a cloud service provider that already partners with reputable, high-quality partners makes your life easier. Navigating a large and ever-changing marketplace can be complicated; a quality cloud partner will do this work for you.

One Bill For Everything

Another key element to examine when you’re choosing a cloud partner is how they bill you. Cloud service providers get the lowest prices from all of their manufacturer partners and service providers so you receive a wholesale price that covers all of your business needs coupled with high-quality customer service. Most cloud service providers will bundle your services so that you have one bill at one predictable monthly cost along with one support number to call.

Typical products and services that could be included on this bill include:

Many providers offer a package that encompasses every single cost so that you don’t have to worry about paying for each service separately. This provider will handle installation, day-to-day issues, and repair services and provide support for all of the systems they install.

Comprehensive Managed Services

The last important thing to look for in a cloud service provider is a managed service offering. Some providers sell you a cloud service and direct you to some sort of training online. Other providers offer customized agreements and managed services designed to grow your business; this is the kind of partner you want to work with.

Many cloud service providers not only sell you a service, but they offer on-site training, ongoing support and maintenance, monitoring, and quarterly meetings. If you want to get the most out of your cloud phone services and make a real impact on your business, you need a provider that cares about your growth. This means working with a partner who offers managed services that are second to none.

Choose Affiliated As Your Cloud Partner

There are three main reasons to choose Affiliated Communications over other cloud service providers or outsourcing companies. We offer wholesale agreements, one bill for everything, and top-quality managed services.

When you work with Affiliated as your cloud partner, you have a full-time company dedicated to making sure your organization is operating smoothly. Forget the hassle of working with several different vendors; with Affiliated, you only have one number to call.

Are you interested in learning more about our services or getting started? For the very best cloud outsourcing solutions, contact Affiliated today.