The world of information technology and cybersecurity is no stranger to acronyms, and the latest one to hit IT departments is SASE. SASE, which stands for Secure Access Service Edge, is an innovative technology that enhances the capabilities of SD-WAN (Software Defined Networking in a Wide Area Network), to provide an even more secure, efficient and cost-effective way of connecting users to cloud applications.

With cloud services becoming increasingly popular, organizations have realized the need for an efficient means of connecting their various sites. SD-WAN has provided an ideal solution to this problem by leveraging cloud computing technology to make networks more programmable, flexible and scalable. Paired with SASE for maximum performance delivery, it’s quickly becoming the go-to option for those looking for a comprehensive solution that offers maximum protection and flexibility.

In these data-driven times of instant information and constant connectivity, SD-WAN benefits are revolutionizing the way businesses can transfer data and information between geographically dispersed sites. It’s a simple, yet powerful, way for companies to stay on top of their networking needs.


SD-WAN Benefits

In the modern age of cloud computing, the growing demand for faster, more reliable connections and secure networks is stronger than ever. These are just a few of the features that SD-WAN benefits an organization. Additional benefits include:

Designed for agility

SD-WAN can be easily configured to add routing paths across multiple links and prioritize traffic depending on organizational needs.


It eliminates the need for expensive hardware to support networks and instead, virtually uses software over the internet.

Speeds up communication

SD-WAN also provides superior reliability and robustness against outages.

Prioritize bandwidth

SD-WAN maximizes an organization’s ability to prioritize bandwidth – this leads to better optimization of resources like applications and services.


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What is SASE?

Secure Access Service Edge or SASE (fun fact – SASE is pronounced “sassy”) is a type of network architecture.


More specifically, SASE is an overlay model based on the combination of SD-WAN and Zero Trust Network Access. It provides organizations with a hybrid approach that leverages the cloud to maximize connectivity while preserving the enterprise’s security needs. SASE uses software to create a secure, direct connection between users and applications or services located in other regions or cloud environments. This allows for faster speeds, enhanced security and reduced complexity, but still provides high visibility into organizational traffic for administrators.


How SD-WAN and SASE Work Together

The combination of SASE and SD-WAN is an incredibly powerful one. Here’s how:

SASE Simplifies Network Management

SASE simplifies network management by providing a single, unified console for monitoring performance, configuring endpoints and changing policies. SASE also leverages the power of SD-WAN to improve the reliability and management of traffic across wide networks. By using cloud-based technology, SASE reduces costs associated with on-premises network equipment and makes it easier to connect multiple distributed sites. This also allows for better access control and encrypted connections that help protect against malware and other threats.

Heightened Security with SASE and SD-WAN

Furthermore, SASE is the perfect complement to an SD-WAN network because it provides comprehensive security capabilities that supplement the network and increase its value. SASE rectifies any inherent security limitations that SD-WAN may have by consolidating Wi-Fi and wireless access points, protecting assets from data breaches and enabling remote access for employees.

One of SASE’s standout features is its cloud-delivered configuration, meaning businesses don’t have to worry about managing hardware. When integrated with SD-WAN, SASE ensures that organizations can better defend their networks against malicious threats while benefitting from a greater array of available resources.

All told, when paired with SD-WAN technology, SASE makes companies more secure and better equipped to take advantage of expanded opportunities presented by advanced networking solutions.


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