Disaster Recovery with Cloud Services

Disaster Recovery with Cloud Services

Posted By : Lindsey Carter

Your phone system is one of the most important components in running a successful business. It connects your business to customers, other businesses, and the outside world.  There is no way to avoid disasters but you can take the proper measures to prevent your business and specifically your phone system from taking a hit. With features like cloud rerouting, geographical redundancy, and multiple access points  Disaster Recovery with Cloud services ensures that your phone system doesn’t hurt your companies success.

Cloud Rerouting

Cloud rerouting is very important feature to utilize if your infrastructure is damaged or your phone lines are down. This feature allows your company to run your dial tone through the internet or even 3G4G network on or off the premise. Therefore you don’t have to work from your office phone or building to keep your company running.

Geographical Redundancy

Your infrastructure might not have taken a hit in a disaster but your datacenter could have taken a hit. With Geographical redundancy your services will reroute to another datacenter. This allows your network a fail safe.

Desktop redundancy can take this one step further. If your hardware for your phone system is malfunctioning it allows you to use a soft phone. Therefore your phone system will always send and receive calls.

Multiple Access Points

In regular day to day operations with a company that has multiple locations your phone services can come in through the datacenter to the cloud or your sip trunks. If your colocation can not find one it will automatically send it through the other. As a result your phone lines are never down.

Act now and take the proper precautions in protecting your business from the external disasters that could harm your business. Disaster recovery is the solution that could save your business.

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