Costs Associated With Cloud

Costs Associated With Cloud

Posted By : Lindsey Carter

A working phone system for your company is essential to everyday business but often over looked due to the complexity and lack of variety the past has had to offer. For the past few years cloud based phone systems have increased in popularity. Unfortunately, most feel ill informed as to what these phone systems offers and why it is valuable to switch. In a successful business you weigh the cost and benefits of every purchase your company makes to ensure it is the right decision. Here we way the cost and benefits of a Cloud based phone system.

Benefits With the Cloud

Efficiency is one of the most difficult attributes a company tries to utilize. A great way for a company to exercise its capabilities is through a cloud based phone system using a centralized system architecture. This allows all phones in all locations to be synced together. Therefore, you can alter any properties on all your phones or one of your phones from any location. Along with this centralized system, all your locations and phones can share the expensive hardware and software that the cloud system provides for you.

This hardware and software allows your employees to utilize the latest technology and applications to help increase productivity and efficiency. With federal compliant services along with applications like contact center, mobility, interactive voice response(IVR), call recording and software integration like EPIC your business can save time and money all while providing better customer service and patient care.

Manage system cost effectively

One of the most cost-efficient components with a cloud based phone system has to do with your employees. Cloud based telephone systems have easy to manage system solutions. Therefore, you cut cost on hiring expensive certified telephone personnel. Additionally, with a cloud based phone system your technical personnel can focus on the job they were hired to do rather than spend time with training, programming, and constantly updating your telephone systems.

Employees are not the only way you cut down on costs with a cloud based system. Fortunately, when you use a cloud phone system. Your company does not have to waste money buying capital such as telephones and applications. This is all added into your monthly cost. Additionally, you can sleep easy because maintenance, extended warranties, and upgrades are all bundled into your monthly cost as well.

Below is a chart that explains the cost associated with Cloud and Premise based systems

  Cloud Premise
Upfront Cost Installed $ $
Upfront Equipment Cost 0.00 $
Maintenance Cost 0.00 $
System Administration Cost 0.00 $
CAP Expense 0.00 $
Upgrade Cost


0.00 $
Environmental Cost 0.00 $
Disaster Recovery Cost 0.00 $
Total $ $$$$$$$$


If all the components above have not convinced you that a cloud based phone system will save your company money, we would love to run the numbers for you. In the past companies have had to participate in this cyclical pattern where, they waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on phones that are constantly being upgraded and renewed. Do not waste your money on outdated phones. Click here.


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