Cloud Solutions

Technology as a service lets companies like yours free up capital with low upfront costs. By leveraging TaaS, you can give your company every competitive advantage and ultimately help it to grow.

TaaS includes many components that can provide a direct benefit for your business, such as:

  • UCaas (Unified Communications as a Service) – turnkey Unified Communications, telephony services, hardware, and applications
  • CCaS (Contact Center as a Service) – turnkey Contact Center solutions providing single-site and virtualization for mission-critical Contact Center operations
  • DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) – automatic failover of voice and data services to ensure your organization is always connected to your customers
  • CaaS (Carrier as a Service) – public and private data connections to the internet, other offices, and remote workers

Technology as a Service from Affiliated yields both financial and operational gains for your business, including:

  • No capital investment
  • Predictable expenses
  • Tax advantages
  • Network monitoring
  • Expert 24/7/365 local support in Texas
  • Software upgrades
  • Proactive service to eliminate/reduce downtime
  • Cloud solutions

Why Buy It When You Can Rent It

  1. Financial
    • Predictable Expenses
    • No Big Upfront Cost
    • Opex Tax Write Off
    • No Ongoing Support Cost
    • No Manufacturer Software Cost
    • Lifetime Warranties
    • No High Company Personnel Support Cost
    • We Will Not be Undersold
  2. Technically
    • Best of Product Servers, Infrastructure, Hardware, VM, etc.
    • Best of Colocation & Data Centers
    • Local Technical Personnel with prioritized focus
    • Cloud/Hosted Technology for Great Installation, Training, and Service
    • Carrier Site Equipment, Disaster Recovery Redundancy
    • Best of Class Network Monitoring/Assessment Tools
    • Maintain Latest/Greatest Software Revisions for all Applications
    • 7 Day / 24 Hour Services
    • Inherent Disaster Recovery On or Off Network
  3. Local Presence
    • Local Project Managers, Installers, Application Design Implementation Team
    • Local Trainers, Customer Service Team
    • All Affiliated Full Time Employees
    • Local Inventories with Quicker Replacement of Hardware
    • VoIP Monitoring and Onsite Tools for Customer Network Testing and Analysis
  4. Flexible and Unique
    • Contract Terms that Fit Your Need from 1 Year to 5 Years and Beyond
    • Can Sell or Rent Products and Services that Fit your Particular Needs
    • Can Develop or Implement Applications that Aid our Customers in being successful in their Marketplace

Affiliated works with your business to discover your goals and budgetary requirements, then develops a customized plan to provide your communications and IT services, hardware, software and support for a manageable monthly fee.  Now more than ever you can focus on your big picture goals, including growing your business.

Technology as a Service can be one of the most cost-effective ways to leverage the latest features for your organization. If you’re ready to learn more, click below to download The Complete Guide to Technology as a Service.

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