Cloud Applications for Healthcare

Cloud Applications for Healthcare

Posted By : Lindsey Carter

Knowing what applications you receive with your cloud based phone system is important in the profitability and productivity for your company. It is easy to become overwhelmed with a plethora of technical words and phrases that telecom companies throw at you. These are our top 6 applications we feel will take healthcare companies to the next level.

Get Your Customers There Fast

Customer are important. When you utilize front end automated attendant you connect your patients to the right doctor, nurse, or department. Automated attendant also allows you to connect customers to the right employee skillset and department, by analyzing their caller line ID or option they choose. This application helps link customers with directions, appointments, and billing without human interaction.

Contact Center is the Key to Healthcare Services

Contact center allows you to move high amounts of inbound callers to the right employees with the ability to queue and give messages to opt out of regular voicemail. Contact center does this by logically assessing the skillset of your inbound employees to increase productivity and customer satisfaction. In very stringent fields like healthcare contact center allows you to record conversations and computer screens with score carding for customer service and legal ramifications all while being HIPPA and BAA compliment. Contact center also allows you to do other things such as offload traffic to interactive voice response system for purposes of appointments, billing, or even pharmaceutical problems. In contrast it allows you to set up outbound automated calls for the same use.

Communicate Wherever or Whenever

Mobility is essential to our everyday life. It allows you to utilize your hospital data Wi-Fi from hand held mobile devices, laptops, and tablets. This ability also extends to 3G and 4G data. You and your employees have the ability to log into any device and communicate. With the mobility application one of the biggest functions is time of day routing which allows for around the clock answering even if you are not at your desk or in the hospital period. Automated attendant, voicemail, and IVR all work around the clock through your mobility application as well.

Seamless Collaboration

Collaboration and conferencing can be essential to diagnosis, teamwork and consultation in the healthcare industry. Conferencing makes that as easy as typing four digits into your meet me application. Conference can be accessed through phone, email, or web, and has the ability to be audio, video, screen share, or all of them put together. Being able to communicate without having to travel anywhere could save you tons of money, and time.

Professional Doctor’s Reservation System

Allowing your patients to get the right nurse, doctor, or reservation specialist the first time increases employee productivity and customer satisfaction. Through a three party reservation software system options automatically appear for customers to choose the right category for them. It does not stop with inbound calling, this application has the ability to set up outbound campaigns to confirm appointments, or even alert patients their prescriptions are ready for pick up. This application also provides real-time statistics to analyze the inflow of customers calling in order to optimize how many people need to be answering the phone and where it rings most.

Software Integration to Profitability

Unified communications allows doctors, nurses, and employees to constantly be in communication through audio, chat, and even email. Software integration allows pre-population of third party software databases to improve productivity, follow organizational procedures, and provide a better professional outlook to a competitive market place. Software integration as a service allows exchange (Microsoft 365) to integrate into unified communications applications for calendar scheduling and chat. That is not the only software that can be integrated with unified communications. Software like salesforce, EPK, and other healthcare software that is essential to everyday practice are all compatible with unified communications.

The demand for newer technology is essential for customer and employee retention. Make sure you aren’t falling behind. Click here to get more information on how you can update your technology.

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