Best Cloud Phone Features of 2018

Best Cloud Phone Features of 2018

Posted By : Lindsey Carter

Technology is changing rapidly. One of the biggest mistakes an organization can make is not updating their technology, phone technology especially. Right now there is a high demand for cloud services, but most companies are falling behind in updating there current phone system due to the lack of knowledge about cloud services and the new technology that comes with it. This article can help you navigate what is so great about a cloud phone system and how it will help your company thrive.

Budget Friendly

82 percent of companies saved money when switching to the Cloud. This is probably the biggest feature difference with a cloud phone system. Up to this point when buying a phone was a large expense and often painful. There are two big factors that effect how cloud is helping businesses save money. The first is the upfront capital costs that go into purchasing your generic phone system is minimal compared to the generic PBX phone system. The buying dynamic has shifted from a capital expense to an operational expense. Therefore there is a minimal upfront payments and the rest is a monthly cost. This takes away the pressure of committing to a phone system your not sure will benefit your company. Which brings us to the second big factor that allows you to save money. With cloud services your are allowed to set a budget a pick the right service package for your companies needs. Before phone systems were very generic one price for all. Now you have options. If you have a small company and you don’t need many features you can choose a basic cloud plan. If you are a larger company that has many departments and facets and you need your phone system to match that you can go with a cloud system that has advanced applications.


Working in the office during traditional hours is a thing of the past. With more and more businesses allowing their employees to work remotely having a soft phone for employees to utilize is crucial. Mobility applications with a Cloud phone system allows you to use your smart phone to answer or call out using your work phone number from wherever. Productivity and flexibility is a big factor in the work place. With applications such as mobility this allows you to stay competitive with other companies and keep your employees satisfied.


If you’re asking yourself what is so special about a cloud phone that mine doesn’t already have check out the list below. Our telephones now a days are becoming the most efficient piece of technology that we handle. With any business being able to automated even 5-10 percent of your day to day activity such as call center can help creating a more efficient and stress free work environment.

Call forwarding
Video chat
Automated attendant
Call queues
Interactive call response
Call recording
Along with basic features such as Transferring calls Call forwarding Dial/directory assistance Local phone numbers and extensions Most properties as such you don’t get with a premise based phone systems, or they are add-ons that your have to pay for.

Updating your technology could save you money, help with your organizations productivity and employee satisfaction, as well as aid in positive customer service experience. If you’re still not sure Cloud technology is your next move, check out this informational guide on why PBX is killing your business. Don’t switch to the cloud too late, it could make or break your success.

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