XaaS: Contact Center as a Service

XaaS: Contact Center as a Service

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Think back to the last time you had to contact customer service. How long did you spend on hold? Did you have to repeat your problem to two, three, five different customer service reps? Shout into the phone, struggling to get the automated assistant to understand what you wanted?

Or were you immediately transferred to the right department, where the rep had all your information and solved your issue quickly?

No matter which one it was, chances are it had a major impact on how you view that company and will factor in when you decide whether to purchase with them again.

That’s because a company’s customer service has a significant impact on whether customers stick around and spend more, or whether they leave. And even though channels like email, social media and chatbots have made some customer service inroads, the fact is that many customers still turn to the phones as their first line of contact.

So what are you offering?

Contact Centers are Necessary

Having a contact center is a requirement for virtually every type of business. Of course, this does not mean that every business needs to have a sprawling offsite call center where pale customer service reps are chained to their headsets for hours at a time. For many companies, all that is necessary is a few dedicated employees and a phone system that can handle the expected volume of customer service calls on a day-to-day basis.

On occasion, SMBs believe that because they have a low call volume or a relatively small customer base, they do not need to go so far as to invest in a contact center. But without a dedicated contact center, your business can suffer, no matter how short your customer base currently is. A contact center means better customer service, a better customer experience, and happier customers that are more likely to recommend you to their friends.

And if you imagine that you have to invest in that sprawling call center to reap these benefits, you’re wrong. Keep reading to learn more.

Contact Center as a Service

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) can be part of UCaaS, or it can be a completely separate service that leverages the idea of XaaS in alignment with your contact center needs. Either way, it will allow your company to improve your overall customer experience, retain current customers, and give your business a competitive edge.

CCaaS allows you to leverage top flight call center applications, including automated call forwarding and integrated CMS information without the huge expense of purchasing your own system.

To create a contact center even for a few employees can end up costing thousands of dollars per seat, but when you utilize cloud phone services and applications, you can set up an enterprise level contact center at significant savings.

CCaaS Improves the Customer Experience

One of the top complaints that customers have when the contact a company for assistance is having to repeat themselves to multiple agents before their problem gets solved. The right contact center solution can not only help customers get to the right person the first time but if they do need to be transferred, the cloud-based software will automatically populate the new agent’s screen with the complaint — no more repeating.

It is also important to note that a contact center is not only relevant for customer complaints. One of the most frequent reasons that customers need to call a company is to address a billing question or discrepancy. An XaaS solution for your call center technology can help your team to address billing issues quickly, keeping customers happy and your business transparent.

Make Your Call Center a Money Making Choice

Every technology implementation in your business either costs you money or makes you money. Adding CCaaS to your monthly bills is an expense, but by improving customer experience, it can be a money making endeavor. Improved customer experience means improved customer retention. Because it can cost significantly more to attract a new customer as it does to keep an existing customer, this benefit is huge.

The cloud-based contact center model means that you can leverage the technology that helps the biggest brands keep their customers happy for a fraction of the cost that it would take for you to purchase and implement your own system.

Want to learn more about how technology as a service can boost your company’s revenue? Click below to download our complete guide to technology as a service.

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