XaaS: Carrier as a Service

XaaS: Carrier as a Service

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You can’t buy a new mobile phone anymore.

Well, of course, you can always pay full retail price and buy, for instance, an iPhone directly from Apple.

But if you “buy” your phone through a phone carrier like AT&T you have signed up for a monthly service package along with a financing option for your phone, meaning you pay in monthly installments and, in most cases, never pay it all the way off before you get a new phone.

That’s because most of us don’t care about owning our cell phone.

We know that in a year or two it’s going to be obsolete anyway.

Without knowing it or really thinking about it, we’re all leveraging Carrier as a Service (CaaS).

What is Carrier as a Service?

The company that sends your phone and/or internet bill is your carrier. Identifying your communications carrier “as a service” only puts it in perspective. Anyone who has used a phone is already using ‘technology as a service’ or XaaS because they are not paying for the infrastructure of the phone system, just the right to use it.

Carrier As a Service simply means that you’re paying for the use of phone and internet technology, but when you move office buildings, you’re not going to rip the wires out of the walls to bring it with you. Instead, you pay for your phone carrier to maintain the technology and infrastructure necessary for your phones to work and pay them a monthly fee for the privilege of using the network.

Why Should CaaS Matter to Me?

The problem with business phone solutions is that they work — until they don’t. And you keep paying your phone bill each month without thinking twice about how much it costs and whether you’re getting a good deal.

It can be even worse when you’ve simplified things and just get a single bill for your phone and internet services. You pay for the highest speeds and most reliable network:

  • but are you getting what you pay for?
  • how do you know if your carrier is the right one for you?

Even if you do make the decision that you want to shop around for the best service, there is a good chance you could already be too late — because in most cases you’ll need at least 90 days to evaluate new providers, get quotes, and change over your service to avoid any downtime.

Many carriers bank on the idea that you won’t give yourself enough lead time to make a change, so they will continue to up their rates as long as they can. Even what started out as a good deal might not be a year or two later. But for carriers, the market is competitive, so even a little bit of shopping around can help you to save big.

If you’re not seeking out the best Carrier as a Service plans, chances are bad that you’re getting the best deal.

Finding the Right Technology Partner

You can shop around on your own. But if you were prepared to make that kind of commitment, you probably wouldn’t be reading this.

The right technology partner can help you compare services, analyze your current setup (e.g., are you actually getting the bandwidth you’re paying for?) and even remind you when your contract is coming up, and you may be eligible for a better plan.

Learning about CaaS isn’t so much about investing in a new technology or a new system, it’s about making sure that the investments you’ve already made are paying off.

Want to learn more about how CaaS can help you reach your business goals? Download our Complete Guide to Technology as a Service below.

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