Why You Need to Trust Your VoIP Provider

Why You Need to Trust Your VoIP Provider

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The phone that sits on your desk as well as the ones in the cubicles around you, at the reception desk, and in your branch offices, are critical business tools.

Your phone system connects you to your employees, your customers, and your vendors.

But the wrong phones can also be putting your company at risk. Security flaws in a VoIP system can lead to unexpected phone bill charges, data theft, and more. When you choose a VoIP system, it is critical that you find a provider that you trust to secure your phones.

VoIP Phones Can be Vulnerable

Since the inception of VoIP technology, there has always been a risk of hacking. Recently, security professionals have shown that there are ways for determined hackers to exploit vulnerabilities in some VoIP phones. With the right knowledge and an improper VoIP setup, hackers can gain remote access to a phone and use it for various nefarious purposes, such as dialing international numbers or even using your phone as a surveillance device.

None of these possibilities are meant to scare you and are certainly not meant to deter you from investing in a VoIP system. Instead, these vulnerabilities represent a reason to be vigilant in your choice a VoIP provider and to ask the right security questions before you sign on any dotted line.

What Your VoIP Provider Can Do

A VoIP provider cannot prevent every potential security threat since there are always going to be hackers out there looking for new ways to exploit the system. However, following are a few indicators you can look for that show your provider is serious about VoIP customer service, and about security.

Choose the Right Hardware

The hardware you use for your VoIP system is an important part of preventing data breaches and hacking. Older phone systems may have security flaws that make the increasingly vulnerable to new hacking tricks and techniques. Be sure to choose a provider that has the latest handset technology, and that can explain to you why you should choose a certain phone if you want the utmost security.

Do Not Default

Perhaps one of the most glaring flaws in phones in the past has been found in the default phone setup. When a VoIP provider installs your new phone system and does not explain how to set up your phone for security, you’re dealing with very poor VoIP customer service. Instead, your provider should walk you through the process of setting up phones with passwords and should emphasize how important it is that your phone not be left to its default, open settings.

Cloud is King

Choosing a cloud-based VoIP system can be one of the best ways to get in front of security concerns. Because a cloud-based system is updated and maintained by the VoIP provider, you can rest assured that the software in use is current. Regular updates are one of the best defenses against potential hacking attempts, making a cloud solution the safe choice.

Any phone system that you install in your office can be vulnerable at one point or another. However, if you can find a VoIP provider that you trust, you can be confident that everything that can be done to protect your employees, customers, and your sensitive data is being done.

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