Healthcare Security with Cloud Services

Healthcare Security with Cloud Services

Posted By : Lindsey Carter

Healthcare is changing, are you?

With previous generations the saying “tough it out” was their main form of medicine. It seems with access to health insurance a growing number of Americans are using healthcare more often. Due to advanced medicine, knowledge, and technology more people utilize treatment and services healthcare provides today. As the knowledge of medicine and technology has grown so has the industry. Instead of a one stop shop for everything such as hospitals, there are segmented facilities for x rays, blood work and outpatient surgery centers.

Recording without Risk

One way to minimize risk is to record calls and databases. This allows all cells dealing with customers to be recorded for a period of time and can be stored in the cloud or archived. Screen shots and screen scrape recording can verify PCI compliance where as agents and employees cannot store critical patient information. These applications are also HIPPA compliant to verify the data in the cloud cannot be accessed without proper credentials and co-location points are secure. Encrypted Scorecards allow you to record, monitor, retrieve, and manage customer information without everyone having the ability to view it.

Is Your Hospital Network Always Up?

It is crucial that hospitals, clinics, and other care facilities networks are secure and running 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Cloud colocation, Carrier as a service, your LAN/WAN, and disaster recovery are four components to a reliable connection.

Cloud Colocation allows you to keep a network back up in a separate location than your infrastructures in case of failures. With geo-redundancy your data from all locations is safe, and secured with data encryptions, but also accessible from any of your locations if need be.

Carrier as a service is the connection you use for your data network. It can be co-axial, cable, fiber, or 3G/4G connection. Best practice suggests you have at least two of these connections coming to and leaving your network. Carrier as a service differs in cost per megabyte and gigabyte, therefore it is crucial to understand how much critical data and non-critical data is being used to properly size your monthly cast and more importantly provide your network redundancy.

There is a plethora of LAN and WAN hardware and software to overwhelm you. Fortunately, with cloud services it makes things easier by shipping your storage to a HIPPA compliant cloud back up. This also allows you to move software such as Microsoft 365 exchange, salesforce, and contact center to the cloud. By moving your software to the cloud not only allows access to maintenance, upgrades, and the latest state of art hardware without having to pay a fortune but also keeps you current on new technology and efficient services you can provide your patients.

Disaster Recovery is the last of the four components. Disaster recovery in the cloud reduces risk, and prevents downtime all while saving you money. With

Are you Compliant?

In the healthcare industry it is very important that your clinic, hospital, or office is compliant with all the federal regulated policies. Cloud based phone services make sure that you are AMA, HIPPA, PCI and BAA compliant. Cloud provides software, hardware, security, all within federal standards to make sure your clinic or hospital is functioning at its best. Click here to get more information about our Cloud services.

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