Education in the Cloud

Education in the Cloud

Posted By : Lindsey Carter

After sitting down with Irving Independent School District, a Cloud customer of ours, we were able to see why cloud based phone systems are great for any school districts and how Affiliated communications has helped with the transition.

Why Cloud?

When purchasing an item with any business there are a handful of factors that sway your decision. With school districts costs, might be one of the most important factors inĀ  choosing the right phone system for your district.

While most schools are still operating on a Premise based phone system. Irving Independent School District has been on a Cloud based phone system for seven years and been a customer with Affiliated for two of those years.

What most don’t know the capital expenditures that school pay with a Premise phone system are almost nonexistent with a Cloud based phone system. Therefore, cloud costs are extremely efficient and budget friendly.

Why Affiliated?

When switching companies it can be especially difficult. Notably when you have strict security policies, thousands of staff members, and over 30 locations. This was a key concern that Irving ISD brought to the table.

In our interview they kept repeating the word simplistic. Whether they were talking about Affiliated helping facilitate a seamless installation of new equipment, or the ease that came when learning about the new phones and properties the phone system included.

Switching phone systems after years of the same one can be very daunting but with help it can resolve an excess amount of headaches.

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