Will a Cloud-Based Phone System Improve VoIP Call Quality?

Will a Cloud-Based Phone System Improve VoIP Call Quality?

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When you’re replacing or upgrading your phone system VoIP call quality is certain to be a key concern. You want to make sure your phones allow your customers to reach you reliably and your employees to communicate efficiently.

The two main types of VoIP implementation are on-premise and cloud. Both can offer reliable service, but with a lower upfront cost, many SMBs find that a cloud-based phone system offers the reliability they need at a cost they can afford.


With any new phone system, there will be the issue of implementation. To leverage your new system, you will have to install it. With a cloud-based VoIP system, implementation is extremely simple. Most offices that already have broadband internet will not need any wiring or other destructive, time-consuming installation to implement their new phone system. While it may be necessary to install some technology to ensure that traffic is properly routed for best VoIP call quality, in many cases, a cloud-based phone system can simply be plugged into existing broadband infrastructure.

Maintenance & Updates

Perhaps the most attractive feature of a cloud-based phone system is the way that maintenance and software updates are handled. A hosted phone system lives on servers that are maintained and secured by the VoIP provider. Regular software updates and necessary maintenance is all part of the service contract you will sign with your provider. Investing in this type of phone system means that you will not have to worry that VoIP call quality will suffer because your on-site IT department forgot an update or had to reboot the system.

Disaster Recovery

While the word “disaster” can conjure images of earthquakes are structure fires, the truth is that there are many much more minor disasters that could befall your phone system. Even something as simple as a power outage can have a negative impact on your VoIP call quality. By using a hosted VoIP system, you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your phone system will work no matter what is happening at your physical office location. Cloud-based unified communications can be set to transfer incoming calls to mobile phones or separate offices in the event of a catastrophe, meaning that you will have little to no down time for you and your customers.

VoIP call quality is understandably a concern for companies that are considering a switch from an on-premise VoIP system or a non-VoIP system. While both hosted and on-premise VoIP calling can offer high-quality calls, there are certainly advantages to choosing a hosted VoIP phone system.

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