Carrier as a Service is very common with the plethora of Internet providers available today, however, you can end up dealing with a multitude of business invoices – Internet provider, MPLS provider, private line provider, telephone bills, cloud storage, and more. Affiliated has agreements in place with close to 100 carriers and can integrate your Internet and MPLS invoices with your telephone and other cloud services.

Because of the depth of our agreements, we can help customers find the best carrier at the lowest cost by determining where the closest, most active fiber connection is and leveraging that infrastructure.  Affiliated reviews all public and private data and voice services and can create a streamlined plan for simplified billing, and lower costs with wholesale pricing. Whether urban, rural, or both, Affiliated can engineer and deliver the best services for your location and budget.

We will:

  • Implement the most cost-effective Internet/MPLS services for your address
  • Allow you to streamline from multiple carriers
  • Simplify the billing process

Services offered include:

  • fiber, coax, cable, 3G/4G bandwidth
  • AT&T, CenturyLink, Time Warner
  • Regional players like Alpheus and others

Hit the easy button with Tier 1 support, done with Affiliated through a contracted carrier.

Learn how the right communications carrier, coupled with the other possibilities from the full suite of Technology as a Service options, can help your business to thrive. Click below to download The Complete Guide to Technology as a Service and learn more.


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